Become a Speaker

So you want to speak...

Absolutely no problem! Let us know what's the topic and we will sort you out with a slot. If you are unsure about the subject, below you can find a few general suggestions from the community.

  • BDD and DDD
  • AWS environment
  • Algorithms
  • Current RFCs and PHP-FIG PSRs
  • RESTfull APIs - Best Practices
  • Coping with burnout

Practical Sessions
Furthermore, we are looking to do more hands on sessions, such as katas and workshops involving peer programming. Suggested topics include:

  • Deploying and migrating databases the right way
  • Refactoring old codebases

Speaker package

We want to reward the time you put into preparing the talk/session. That's why we have a small giftbag for our speakers. You can expect a GlasgowPHP t-shirt as well as a "mystery bottle" of either foreign or locally sourced alcoholic beverage.

Event sponsors

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